Child Sponsorship

So much poverty in the world? You can do something about it. Today.


Through the child sponsorship program, a sponsor provides support for a child living with his or her own family and within their own native community. This program tailors the support for each child according to their individual needs. Basic necessities such as food, clothing, education, and medical attention are provided for each child. However, we also work on structural solutions to poverty.

An important element of child sponsorship involves working on ways to improve the standard of living for the community as a whole. Each year you will receive an updated photo and information about your sponsored child. Correspondence with the child is also possible and encouraged.

We believe that every child is a unique gift from God, and we want all children – regardless of their social, political, religious, ethnic, or economic background – to have a life in dignity, with love, and with a promising future. With a gift of $35 per month, you can help contribute to this vision.

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