Connect with your sponsored child

Over and over again, we hear from our local staff about how much it means to children and families to hear from their sponsors. Through cards, letters and pictures you will regularly receive updates on your sponsor child. And children love hearing from their sponsor!

To connect with your child, send letters to Help a Child, Inc, PO Box 271, Oregon, WI 53575 with your child’s name and sponsor number, and we will forward them on.

Tips for writing your sponsor child
1. Send one or several photos. Your sponsor child loves getting an idea of what your life in another country looks like.
2. Instead of writing a letter, you can also send a card with a short quote or a wish.
3. “What do you typically eat? What is the climate like? What animals are there?” These are the sort of questions that children would love to have an answer to, or will know the answer to.
4. Your sponsor child loves getting to know their sponsor, as well. What is your favorite food? What makes you happy? What are your hobbies?

How do I ensure a ‘healthy’ relationship?
As a sponsor, you are an important but temporary part of your sponsor child’s life. The children are part of community networks and are most often in the care of their own parents or extended family. As a sponsor, you have the important but limited role of cheerleader and encourager. Our goal with all children is to help them grow to independence and in their ability to care for themselves; so any communication that creates more dependence on you as the sponsor is discouraged.

What happens after the project has ended?
After the project has ended (after approximately 7 years), sponsor correspondence will also stop. This is important, because it marks the start of an independent life for the families. The support from their sponsors should no longer be necessary. We encourage you to send your sponsor child a goodbye letter during this time. Add some pictures, wish them the best for the future, or let them know what you have learned from them.