Early Childhood Development

Over 43 percent of children under the age of 5 are at risk of not fulfilling their full developmental potential, due to risks of poverty, poor nutrition and a lack of access to basic services and early enriching opportunities.

The Lancet, 2016

Our aim 

Help a Child wants all children to receive the stimulation and care they need in the early years to develop to their full potential. We use an integrated approach for children in the age of conception up to school entry (0-6 years). Within the whole range of possible activities on early childhood development, Help a Child is focusing on two key elements: Early Childhood Centers and parenting.

Main activities

  • Promoting, facilitating and strengthening of Early Childhood Education
  • Builds the capacity of Early Childhood Development Centers and their caregivers
  • Facilitates a smooth transition from ECD to primary education
  • Develops and facilitates parenting courses, better known as ‘The Parenting Challenge’

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Early Childhood Development 
Impact Report 2021

Key Statistics 2021


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Early Childhood Development Centers supported


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Early Childhood Development Impact Report 2021